SKIn December, 2011, the CAS was granted the status of participant of Skolkovo Innovation Centre. The company became the resident of biomedical cluster in the foresight “Clinical medicine and healthcare”. This cluster is one of the most dynamic in the project. At the time of obtaining the status by the CAS, biomedical cluster included about 90 companies. Generally by the end of January, 2012, 355 companies became participants of Skolkovo. Major goals of the foresight: development, implementation, and commercialisation of Russian technologies, transfer of medical technologies from abroad.

Within the frame of Skolkovo participating, the company is planning to conduct R&D and application work, concerning capillaroscopy and capillarospectrometry.

Obtaining the status of Skolkovo participant is a strategical move, which will allow the company to reach principally new results in analysis of microcirculation system and composition of capillary blood, useful for practical medicine.